I'm a dynamic IT Consultant with over 15 years of experience fueled by boundless enthusiasm, cutting-edge expertise, and a dash of humor. I thrive on delivering technology consultancy with a focus on high-ROI strategies, innovative ideas, and comprehensive plans, all grounded in contemporary frameworks like DevOps.

I specialize in seamlessly integrating IT Operations (ITIL) and IT Development (SCRUM), positioning myself as a technology pinch-hitter adept at addressing various facets of modern tech landscapes. My passion extends beyond work hours, as I am always on the lookout for opportunities to make the latest innovations accessible to a broader audience.

Consider me your go-to IT guru—I'm constantly immersed in planning, scripting, learning, reading, searching, or sharing in the vast world of Information Technology. But outside the realm of bits and bytes, I'm all about embracing adventures, biking, enjoying good music, and socializing. No boring nerd vibes here!

What I Do

IT Consultancy

Network Design


Web Design


*Certified in some, qualified for certification in other


15 Years of Experience


Cairo University

Masters in Computers Engineering

  • Some postgraduate courses in Master of Science in Computers Engineering credit hours program

Tanta University

Bachelors of Computer Engineering

  • Bachelors of Computer Engineering and Control
  • Overall Grade: Good
  • Graduation Project: Customized Mobile Robot System (Embedded System)
  • Graduation Project Grade: Excellent (100%)


Nov 2021 - Jul 2023

Support Escalation Engineer

• Provided advanced technical advisory, consultation, and support for strategic customers on Windows Azure Stack HCI platform, including integration with Microsoft Azure Cloud.
• Reviewed complex issues and contacted customers to understand their problems, utilizing troubleshooting tools such as event logs and performance traces to resolve issues and keep customers informed of the status/solution.
• Acted as an advisor to strategic customers, handling complex, repeatable, or escalated cases that may become politically charged, and creating technical articles for internal or customer-facing knowledge bases to improve customer understanding with advisory for migration of existing workloads like Hyper-V and VMWare VMs.
• Performed complex product troubleshooting and remediation, working alongside development teams to drive incident resolution for configuration, code, or other service deficiencies impacting customers, and analyzed patterns of problems to optimize support engineering delivery for a team or region level.
• Collaborated on cross team and cross product technical issues, working with resources from other groups to resolve complex customer issues.
• Implemented end-to-end readiness programs, contributing to the content and readiness strategy, and developing expert level competence on support topics.
• Provided feedback to senior engineers or the serviceability team on product functionality based on customer engagements and provided feedback to the product group for product improvement.
• Engaged with the engineering team to investigate product bugs, collaborated with appropriate stakeholders and senior team members on fixes, and contributed to the development of automation techniques and diagnostic tools to improve cross group effectiveness.
• Translated feedback into processes and workflows for case resolution and participated in case triage meetings and/or discussions to share knowledge with other engineers and contribute to more rapid customer solutions.

Nov 2015 - Oct 2021
Orange Business

Senior IT Service Support Engineer – Level II

  • Managed 2nd level incident management using BMC® Remedy, adhering to ITIL® 3 standards.
  • Administered the Active Directory Domain Controller for Orange FT Group, ensuring efficient user management and authentication.
  • Conducted hardware and software troubleshooting for the local IT infrastructure, resolving technical issues promptly.
  • Created and maintained a corporate system image based on Windows 7/10, including software troubleshooting for 17 regions.
  • Provided on-site hardware support for over 3000 PCs and 100+ servers, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime.
  • Implemented effective IT asset management practices, overseeing the entire hardware inventory lifecycle from ordering to disposal.
  • Managed and processed requests for PCs, monitors, consumables, and other IT equipment.
  • Generated periodic reports, identified trends, and proposed improvements for enhanced performance.
  • Installed new hardware and software solutions, developing comprehensive documentation for reference.
  • Performed cabling and network devices installation within local premises, ensuring a reliable and secure network infrastructure.
  • Configured access and core network switches using Cisco IOS CLI, optimizing network performance.
  • Managed complex local network topology, including IP subnets, VLANs, data, telephony, printers, CCTVs, access controls, and servers using efficient IP® IP Manager.
  • Led local IT projects involving expansion, replacement, and migration of network components.
  • Conducted user outreach and awareness sessions as part of existing and new joiner orientation programs.
  • Provided coaching and training to new team members, facilitating their integration and knowledge acquisition.
  • Maintained, developed, and reviewed the knowledge base and documentation for effective knowledge sharing.
  • Identified and reported issues on a sophisticated level, contributing to continuous improvement efforts.

NextGen 2nd Line Global Support

    • Spearheaded early adoption of MS365 within OBS, facilitating seamless integration and maximizing its benefits.
    • Delivered proactive feedback and valuable advice to decision makers, enabling informed choices on appropriate MS365 plans.
    • Provided expert support throughout the MS365 deployment, ensuring smooth implementation and resolving any technical challenges.
    • Served as a trusted onboarding expert, guiding divisions and teams across the organization in adopting MS365 and leveraging its full potential, with a particular focus on MS Teams.
    • Acted as the global administrator for the MS365 suite, overseeing its administration and ensuring optimal performance and security.


    • Provided user support for BYOD MobileIron® Mobile Device Management (MDM) across iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows platforms, ensuring smooth device management and user experience.
    • Conducted various MDM tasks, such as applying group labels, provisioning devices, retiring devices, and performing lock/unlock operations to maintain security and access control.
    • Managed MobileIron corporate apps and certificates, troubleshooting any issues that arise on a 2nd level, ensuring seamless functionality and security compliance.
    • Configured Exchange ActiveSync for mobile devices, enabling secure and convenient corporate email access for users.

Orange Cloud Internal Drive

    • Delivered user support for Orange Cloud Internal Drive on a 2nd level, ensuring smooth functionality and resolving any technical issues.
    • Troubleshot user sync, backup, recovery, and connectivity problems, providing prompt and effective solutions.
    • Handled provisioning, group management, quotation management, and policies administration for Orange Cloud Internal Drive, ensuring efficient user management and adherence to policies.
    • Managed backup schedules, sync operations, throttle settings, and backup sets, optimizing data backup and ensuring data integrity.

Orange VDI

    • Deployment and Support of VDI over Citrix XenDesktop over XenServer as well as VMWare Horizon.
    • Providing 2nd level of troubleshooting for VDI users.
    • Setting sessions, resetting user profiles, configuring software package installation over VDI.
    • Troubleshooting network access, connectivity issues, AD provisioning, utilization issues.

Public Key Infrastructure Authority Administrator (PKI CAdm2)

Nov 2014 - Nov 2015
EVIC Europe Consulting LLC

Regional IT Manager

  • Implemented and deployed IT strategies, aligning technology initiatives with business goals and objectives.
  • Conducted day-to-day administration and troubleshooting of regional offices across four locations, ensuring smooth operations and resolving technical issues promptly.
  • Administered and troubleshooted various servers including File Server, Backup Server, Internet Server, Proxy Server, IIS Server, DHCP Server, and DNS Server, ensuring their optimal performance and reliability.
  • Managed the administration and troubleshooting of staff email accounts using Microsoft Office 365, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Administered and troubleshooted company websites, ensuring their proper functioning and addressing any issues that arise.
  • Managed, maintained, and troubleshooted various office equipment such as printers, scanners, faxes, CCTVs, and access control systems, ensuring their proper functionality.
  • Acted as a team player, providing supervision and guidance to IT staff, and effectively distributing tasks on a daily basis.

Mar 2012 - Oct 2014
Inspire Solutions Ltd

IT Consultant

  • Designed and planned comprehensive IT strategies, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Implemented and deployed IT strategies, overseeing the successful execution of technology initiatives.
  • Provided expert consultancy services to identify and recommend optimal IT solutions based on client requirements.
  • Administered and troubleshooted servers, wired and wireless networks, and other infrastructure components, ensuring their smooth operations and addressing any technical issues.
  • Managed the administration and troubleshooting of staff email accounts using Microsoft Office 365, ensuring reliable communication and collaboration.
  • Administered and troubleshooted company websites, ensuring their proper functioning and addressing any issues that arise.
  • Managed, maintained, and troubleshooted IT assets, including hardware and software, to optimize performance and resolve technical issues.

Oct 2010 - Dec 2011
Arab International Optronics

System Integrator

  • Matched customers' needs with existing products, identifying the most suitable solutions to meet their requirements.
  • Demonstrated the ability to quickly understand and operate various systems or graphical user interfaces (GUI).
  • Maintained a broad knowledge base as a generalist, possessing familiarity with a wide range of products.
  • Diagnosed and troubleshooted issues, promptly identifying and resolving technical problems.
  • Conducted validation and inspection of integrated systems, ensuring their functionality and adherence to specifications.
  • Conducted research on existing products and software components, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and identifying opportunities for system integration.

Sep 2009 - Oct 2010
ICT Project - Ministry of Higher Education

IT Project Engineer

  • Served as the Office 365 E-mail administrator for ICTP and the Ministry of Higher Education, delivering email services to a user base of more than 1.5 million students, staff members, and administrative staff.
  • Developed, architected, and administered the IBM WebSphere Web portal, ensuring its optimal performance and functionality.
  • Handled user incidents and provided troubleshooting support for PCs (hardware, software, and operating systems) and smartphones.
  • Initiated and led a special project, "Egyptian Universities IT Framework," in collaboration with Microsoft, incorporating MOF/ITIL standards. Designed and implemented IT policies as part of the project.
  • Prepared and delivered sessions on Internet Safety for university students as part of the CyperPeace Initiative. Conducted over 35 sessions, reaching thousands of students.
  • Contributed to ICT-related media publications, overseeing the design and release process.

Technology Skills

Microsoft Windows Server




Microsoft Teams


LDAP / Active Directory


Citrix XenServer / XenDesktop




Problem Management




Microsoft Azure


Windows Sysinternals


IP Networking


Incident Management


Microsoft 365




Azrue Kubernetes Services AKS


Failover Clustering


Microsoft Windows


Cisco Unified CM


Coding Skills



Cisco IOS







Contributed Projects
Project Azure Stack HCI Lab

Project Azure Stack HCI Lab

Automation, Networking, Windows
Project SPOT – Automation

Project SPOT – Automation

Project ahmedmahdy</>

Project ahmedmahdy

Web Design
Project VPN – VOIP Gateway

Project VPN – VOIP Gateway

Networking, Telephony
Project Network Upgrade

Project Network Upgrade

Project RISE – Automation

Project RISE – Automation

Project Pyramid

Project Pyramid

Project Pyramid

Project Pyramid



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